Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Air May Be Thin....But the Energy is Sure Thick

From Gorak Shep - at 5, 180 meters. Yesterday reached 5554 meters at Kala Pattar w/ incredible views of Sagamartha (Everest - Head of the Earth) and her sisters and brothers - Luptse, Nupse, etc. Today went to Everest Base Camp....

The Himalaya astound me! I am humbled with each step and each meter gained.

Rising with immense power as they reach to the heavens.
Weathering each storm with unwavering grace and beauty.
They shine with unending and unmatched light and hope.
Effortlessly exuding strength and beauty.
Bringing mindful awareness to each moment.
Humbly demanding respect while giving love and compassion so easily and freely.
Illuminating the answers that already lie within each of us.

It is impossible to be anywhere but here Now.

Love and light and Himalayan humility.

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