Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nepali Flat....or not so flat

Nepali Flat ......This is the endearing term that the beautiful folks in this amazing country use to describe some of the terrain I have walked over the past few weeks....This sweet, sweet term is their kind way of saying the following: "Actually, there isn't really much flat in the Himalaya so rather than disappointing you, we'll call it 'Nepali Flat' which really means a ton of uphill, followed by a little down hill, interspersed with some rolling hills and then more uphill and more rolling hills."

The thing about 'Nepali Flat' is that on some days after all of this uphill and downhill you actually end up at the same elevation as you started at (hence the reason they can call it "flat")...One some days you find yourself on higher ground and you have actually gained a little elevation....Either way, you've always shed some sacred sweat, gained a little distance, been humbled and have at least learned something new.

I've actually come to love Nepali Flat - both the term and the terrain - for a number of reasons. I love walking the terrain because it sure beats walking downhill (i'm not a big fan of the downhill). And, I love the term because of how many metaphors we can draw from it.... Many of us have emotional, physical, mental and spiritual journeys - spanning a day, week, month or year that can be described as 'Nepali Flat'......These journeys challenge us and for many of us this is exactly why we seek them - because we grow in quantum leaps when we are pushed/push ourselves.

I particularly like the idea of 'Nepali flat' because it so accurately represents many of our relationships and much of the inner terrain I am exploring and that many of us walk through each day....On some days these explorations are strenuous, require a lot of up and down and we may end up at what appears to be a similar height despite our struggles...But some days (and these are the days we remember), we cruise through the Nepali flat, enjoying each step of the journey even though it may be difficult or painful. At the end of the day, we find that not only have we've gained a little elevation, but we've also gained a ton of perspective - perspective we could not have gained had the path been truly 'flat."

So - as I get ready for the next part of this adventure to start tomorrow - another trek - this time in the Annapurna Range - I am excited to explore more 'Nepali Flat', as well as a ton of 'gradual' up and even some serious steeps....

Love and light and courage for the varied terrain.....


  1. you sound peaceful enough to truly enjoy one's self. Well done. thinking of you in the shadow of our own mountains here. check your email when you're ready to think about life when you return to the US of A where some flats are flat and folks seem to think junipers are cedars.
    take care, paul

  2. clearly raising nicholas russell is my "nepali flat" love , light and namaste helen