Monday, November 30, 2009


I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude for the smallest things: a cold river to swim in, real coffee, a sweet juicy mango, my yoga practice, my health, family, friends, people who love me, a seat next to a good friend on an 11 hour bus ride....The past 2 months since my journey began I find myself stopping at least one time each day in awe - in awe of the fact that each day I get to make a dream or 2 or 3 come's really amazing and i'm pretty sure i'm one of the luckiest people on this planet.

To illustrate this point, check it: right now i sit next to a beautiful river - limestone cliffs of white, pink and orange reach up for the sky. i am engulfed in the lushest, greenest mass of jungle that you can imagine with trees that are 1 million years old (wish they could talk). monkeys swing from the branches above, macaques swarm the cliffs and all sorts of insects sing their songs. it's hot and humid and i sweat just sitting here, but with my feet in the crisp water and a breeze that comes just often enough - i manage to stay cool enough.

For the last 2 months I was lucky enough to have 2 amazing and important folks to me spend some time adventuring with me. Jody and i hung in the everest region of the himalaya for 3ish weeks and Q and i tramped around annapurna, angkor wat & a bit of bangkok for 5ish weeks (thanks to both of you - it was truly an honor to have time with 2 stellar people).

As of today, however, i am on my own and i find myself in khao sok national park in southern thailand. despite arriving just a few hours ago from bangkok via an overnight 17 hour bus adventure (w/little to no sleep as is expected), i'm stoked and happy to be back in nature. plans to explore lost waterfalls, a huge lakes with secret caves and amazing cliffs and to try my hand at thai cooking (the owner of the bungalow i am staying at said she'll teach me) are all in the works....

at some point maybe i'll catch up on writing about angkor wat and bangkok experiences (what a weird, interesting place), but at the moment riverside jungle yoga calls more loudly than this computer...

love and light and gratitude for having each of you in my life...

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