Monday, December 27, 2010

The Pulse of the Dunes

Disclaimer: i am in a tiny town deep in the moroccan desert and am using a french easy on me with typos and punctuation! all the letters are in different about a change!

...Last night i could feel the sand¨s heartbeat when i put my ear to the Earth. I am not totally sure if it was my heart beating or the pulse of the dunes or both...Regardless, we were both most certainly alive This rhythm lulled me to rest and i dreamt well enveloped by the cool dirt.

The pace of the desert is sweet. Led by camels, we walk over a landscape with only one constant - change. The wind rules out here - dictating tomorrow¨s shape and yesterday¨s memory....but really there is only now. Within a moment it is all different than before.

This is a fragile landscape. People who see it from a distance may think it is dead. Nothing grows, nothing lives in the sahara, they would say. But perhaps, it is the most alive of all ecosystems, of all places... living only for right this second.

Sand sprays like ocean mist. Eyes play tricks as we walk through the dunes. Sand or smoke? I am not sure. Mounds of sand morph into bubbling caludrons, steam floating out the sides as if there is a witches brew inside. Instead of frog tails or raven¨s beak, this brew is full of ancient sands and elder¨s whispers....

Change happens in front of my eyes. Each moment a reminder of the fragility of life and the impermanence of everything.

I wander through comfortable amidst the chaos, the change, the turbulence. It is the only thing familiar about this place. Perhaps, i am so at peace because the impermanence is out in the open for all to see - not hidden like we try to do in much of life. It is obvious on a basic level, requires no explanation or understanding. It just is and you feel it, you know it and there is an ease in that...

Enjoy whatever the new year brings you! More to come in 2011. Off to the mountains until then....

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  1. Even with a French key board, your words are poetic and vibrant...just like you. Keep painting a picture for us, like only you can do. I got love for you, and I believe in you. Love and hugs, j